Archaeology South East

An Introduction to Archaeology South-East

Archaeology South-East specialises in the archaeology of south-eastern England, although we also undertake projects elsewhere in the country. We are based in Sussex, with easy access to all parts of our core region.

Archaeology South-East is a division of the University College London Field Archaeology Unit. The College has one of the largest groups of commercial and academic archaeologists in Britain, giving us access to a full range of archaeological expertise, conservation facilities and specialist analytical services.

Much of our work is carried out for property developers in response to the requirements of local planning authorities under Town and Country Planning legislation and government guidance such as Planning Policy Guidance note No. 16 (PPG 16) Archaeology and Planning, and PPG15 Planning and the Historic Environment. We have no ties to statutory authorities, and provide independent, objective advice and service to assist a development through the planning process.

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