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Diccon Hart

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Archaeology South-East, UCL
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Matt POPE B.Sc., Ph.d.


Senior Research Fellow, Institute of Archaeology, UCL.

Deputy Director: the Boxgrove Project

Research Interests
Behaviour associated with the manufacture use and discard of Achuelean bifaces
• Taphonomic approaches to lithic assemblage formation
• Origins of Neanderthal hunting behaviour and population dynamics
• The technology and ecology of  Early Upper Palaeolithic populations in Europe
• The formation of fine-grained archaeological records in fissure contexts.

Professional Skills
Directing Multidisciplinary Prehistoric Archaeological Projects
• Coordinating geoarchaeological and Palaeolithic services for Archaeology South East
• Geoarchaeological field investigation and analysis
• Lecturing (Human Origins, Geoarchaeology, Stone Tool analysis) and supervision of doctoral research projects
• Media consultant and broadcasting.

Career Summary
2007 - present - Senior Research Fellow / Senior Geoarchaeologist. Institute of Archaeology, UCL. In addition to coordinating research projects my responsibilities include teaching undergraduate and post-graduate course, supervising PHD students and Post-doctoral researchers. I also coordinate specialist services in geoarchaeology and Palaeolithic fieldwork for The Centre for Applied Archaeology based at the Institute of Archaeology.
2009 - present - Coordinator: The Jersey Ice Age Occupation Survey. Establishing a multi-disciplinary project team and resourcing for high-potential Palaeolithic research on the island of Jersey. Implementing excavations and Palaeolithic field school at La Cotte de St Brelade and other localities on the island.
2007 - present - Director: The Beedings Palaeolithic Project. Multi-disciplinary Research Project coordinating a 12 person research team with 90k per annum budget.  Through this government backed research, high -resolution archaeology of late Neanderthal hunters was recovered under rescue conditions from previously undetected fissure systems in Southern Britain.
2005 - 2007 - Director: The Valdoe Palaeolithic Project, UCL. Multi-disciplinary Research Project coordinating a 10 person research team and research budget of £250k. High profile excavations within an aggregate quarry where extant extraction permission threatened in-situ Lower Palaeolithic archaeology.
1994 - 2007 - Research Fellow/Deputy Director, The Boxgrove Project, UCL. Implementing both detailed £500k geological mapping and geoarchaeological investigation of the wider Boxgrove palaeolandscape across 26km of southern Britain. Supervising excavations at the internationally important Boxgrove site. Working as part of a 25 person research team overseeing an excavation team of between 50-70 persons. Responsibilities extended to the detailed technological and taphonomic analysis of material from the site.

2003 - PhD. - Department of Archaeology, University of Southampton.
1993 - BSc. - Archaeology. Department of Archaeology, University of Wales, Cardiff.

Membership of Learned Societies and Professional Recognition
• Vice Chair, Lithic Studies Society
• Associate: Ancient Human Origins of Britain
• Honorary Research Fellow: Centre for the Archaeology of Human Origins, Southampton
• Member: Quaternary Research Association

Key Projects
The Boxgrove Project: (Director: Mark Roberts) Link
The Valdoe Assessment Survey (ALSF funded research project) Link
The Raised Beach Mapping Project (Director: Mark Roberts) Link
The Beedings Palaeolithic Survey English Heritage funded excavation of a Late Pleistocene Camp Link

Recent Publications
Roberts, M.B., and M.I Pope. In Press. The Raised Beach Mapping Project. London: English Heritage Monograph Series.

Pope M.I., M.B. Roberts, A. Maxted and P. Jones. 2009. Lower Palaeolithic Archaeology at the Valdoe, West Sussex. Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society.

Pope, M. & Roberts, M. 2009. Clenching Authority: Joseph Prestwich and the proofs of the antiquity of man. In R. Hosfield, F. Wenban-Smith & M. Pope (eds.) Great Prehistorians: 150 Years of Palaeolithic Research, 1859–2009 (Special Volume 30 of Lithics: The Journal of the Lithic Studies Society): Lithic Studies Society, London.

R. Hosfield, F. Wenban-Smith & M. Pope. 2009. Great Prehistorians: 150 Years of Palaeolithic Research, 1859–2009 (Special Volume 30 of Lithics: The Journal of the Lithic Studies Society): 35–44. Lithic Studies Society, London.

Pope, M.I. 2009. Early Upper Palaeolithic archaeology at Beedings, West Sussex: new contexts for Pleistocene archaeology. Archaeology International 9.

Roberts, M.B. and M.I. Pope. 2009. The Archaeological and Sedimentary Records from Boxgrove and Slindon. In R.M. Briant, M.R. Bates, R.T Hosfield and F.F. Wenban-Smith (eds) The Quaternary of the Solent Basin and West Sussex Raised Beaches. QRA Field Guide

Pope, M. 2009. Comment to O. Bar-Yosef and P. Van De Meer, The Chaine Operatoire Approach in Middle Palaeolithic Archaeology. Current Anthropology, Volume 50, Number 1.

Pope, M. & Maxted, A. 2008. A refitting biface reduction scatter from Newhaven, East Sussex. Lithics: 29: 55–63.

Pope M.I. 2008. Beedings: New work near Nutbourne, West Sussex. Past. 59.

Pope M.I. 2007.  The Palaeolithic. In The Fishbourne Research and Conservation Framework. Sussex Past.

Pope M.I 2006. Biface form and structured behaviour in the Acheulean. Lithics 27.

Pope, M.I 2005. Observations on the relationship between Palaeolithic individuals and artefact scatters at the Middle Pleistocene site of Boxgrove, UK. In Gamble C.S. and Porr, M. The Individual In the Palaeolithic.  Routledge.

Pope, M.I. 2004. The Raised Beach Mapping Project.  Archaeology International 6

Pope, M.I. 2004. Behavioural implications of biface discard: assemblage variability and land-use at the Middle Pleistocene site of Boxgrove. In Lithics In Action. Lithic Studies Society Occasional Paper 24. Oxbow Books, Oxford.

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Pope, M.I. 2003. The Earliest occupation of Sussex: Recent research and future objectives. In Rudling, D. (ed) The archaeology of Sussex to A.D. 2000. Heritage Marketing and Publication Ltd. 17-29.

Pope, M.I. 2002. The significance of biface-rich assemblages: An examination of the behavioural controls on lithic assemblage formation in the Lower Palaeolithic. Unpublished Ph.D. Thesis. University of Southampton.

Roberts, M.B. and Pope, M.I. 2001. Mapping the Boxgrove Middle Pleistocene deposits across the coastal plain of West Sussex and Eastern Hampshire. English Heritage.

Pope, M.I. 2001. New investigations at Slindon Bottom Palaeolithic Site, West Sussex: an interim report. Lithics. 22: 3-10.

Pope M.I. 2000. Lower Palaeolithic Surface finds from the northern scarp of the Downs at Kithurst Hill, West Sussex. Sussex Archaeological Collections 138.

Pope M.I. 1999. Managing the Early Prehistoric Heritage of Brighton and Hove. Consultation document for Brighton and Hove City Council.

Roberts, M.B., Parfitt, S.A., Pope, M.I. and Wenban Smith, F.F. 1997. Boxgrove, West Sussex: Rescue excavations of a Lower Palaeolithic landsurface (Boxgrove Project B 1989-1991). Proceedings of the Prehistoric Society. 63: 303-358


Biface Handaxe from Boxgrove

Biface handaxe from Boxgrove (Copyright: The Boxgrove Project)


Matt Pope

General contact details:
Archaeology South-East, UCL
Direct telephone:
+44 (0)1273 426830
Mobile telephone:


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