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Institute of Archaeology UCL & Archaeology South-East
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Dominic PERRING B.A., Ph.D., F.S.A., M.I.F.A.


• Director, Centre for Applied Archaeology & Archaeology South-East
• Principal Research Fellow, Institute of Archaeology
• Associate Degree Programme Co-ordinator (placements): MA in Field Archaeology
• Course Co-ordinator: C600 Archaeological law & project management

Research Interests
• The origins and nature of urban society
• Roman town planning and domestic architecture (the social meanings of urban and domestic space)
• Architecture, art & ideology in late antiquity (including Neo-Platonic and Gnostic dualism, Eucharistic practice)
• Archaeology of the Roman provinces (especially Britain & Syria)
• Cultural Resource Management in UK and Middle-East
• Archaeological method and theory

Professional Skills
• Archaeological Project-Management
• Planning consultancy
• Excavation and analysis of complex archaeological sites

Career Summary
1998 - 2004 - Lecturer in Archaeology, University of York
1999 - 2000 - Visiting Professor, American University of Beirut
1995 - 1998 - Executive Director, AOC Archaeology Ltd.
1990 - 1995 - Head of Greater London Archaeology Advisory Service, English Heritage
1989 - 1990 - Archaeological Officer, Worcester City Council
1985 - 1989 - Research Scholar, University of Leicester
1982 - 1985 - Director of Excavations, Cooperativa Archeologica Lombarda (Milan)
1978 - 1982 - Senior Archaeologist, Museum of London
1976 - 1978 - Site Supervisor, Lincoln Archaeological Trust

• 1999 – PhD, School of Archaeology and Ancient History, University of Leicester.
• 1976 - BA Archaeology, Institute of Archaeology, University College London.

Membership of Learned Societies and Professional Recognition
• Member, Institute of Field Archaeologists
• Fellow of the Society of Antiquaries
• Associate Editor, Berytus
• Member, Society for the Promotion of Roman Studies.

Key Projects
Beirut, Lebanon: Souks excavations: Director of international programme of archaeological salvage attendant on post-war reconstruction.

Urban Hinterlands Project: Lead consultant in a national strategic survey. Undertaken in partnership with Universities of York, Leicester and London, Essex County Council & others.

Recent Publications
Books and Edited Volumes

Perring, D, Seeden, H & Williams, T (series editors), The archaeology of the Beirut Souks.

Vol. 1 (1993, Berytus 45-46): Small Change in Ancient Beirut: the coin finds from BEY 006 and BEY 045: Iron Age, Hellenistic Roman and Byzantine periods (by K. Butcher)
Vol. 2 (in press for 1996, Berytus 49 ) The glass from BEY 006 and BEY 045 (by S. Jennings);
Vol. 3 (in preparation, Berytus 51-52): The insula of the House of the Fountains (by R. Thorpe with D. Perring).

Perring D, Rowsome, P and Greenwood P 2005, From Ice Age to Essex: A history of the peoples and landscapes of East London, Museum of London.

Perring, D and Perring S, 2003, Slynne miejsca wczoraj i dzis, Warsaw: Gruner & Jahr

Perring, D 2002, The Roman House in Britain, London: Routledge.

Perring D, 2002, Town and Country in England: frameworks for archaeological research, York: Council for British Archaeology (Research Report 134).

Research Papers
Perring, D in press (2006) entries on ‘carpentry’, ‘forests and forestry’, ‘Londinium’ Roman houses’, ‘Roman villas’ and ‘timber’ in G Shipley, J Vanderspoel, D Mattingly and L Foxhall (eds) The Cambridge Dictionary of Classical Civilization, Cambridge: University Press.

Pitts M. and Perring, D in press (2006) ‘The making of Britain’s first urban landscapes: the case of late Iron Age and Roman Essex’, Britannia 37

Perring, D in press (2006), ‘Roman and Byzantine houses in Beirut’, in K Galor and T Waliszewski (eds) From Antioch to Alexandria. Studies in Domestic Architecture during the Roman and Byzantine Periods, Providence RI: Archaeologica Transatlantica 24.

Perring, D, Thorpe, R and Williams, T D in press (2006), ‘Introduction’, in S. Jennings Archaeology of the Beirut Souks 2, Berytus 48

Perring, D 2006 ‘Excavations in the Souks of Beirut’, Current World Archaeology 16, 22-33.

Mikati, R and Perring, D 2006 ‘From Metropolis to Ribat: some recent work on Beirut at the end of Antiquity’ Archaeology & History in the Lebanon 23, 42-55.

Perring, D 2005 ‘Domestic architecture and social discourse in Roman towns’ in A MacMahon and J Price (eds) Roman working lives and urban living, Oxford: Oxbow, 18-28.

Perring, D 2003 ‘Deconstructing the Frampton pavements: gnostic dialectic in Roman Britain?’ in G Carr, E Swift and J Weekes (eds), TRAC 2002: Proceedings of the Twelfth Annual Theoretical Archaeology Conference, Canterbury 2002, Oxford: Oxbow, 74-83.

Perring, D 2003 ‘‘Gnosticism’ in fourth century Britain: the Frampton mosaics reconsidered’, Britannia 34, 97-127.

Perring, D 2003 ‘The archaeology of Beirut: a report on work in the insula of the House of the Fountains’, Antiquaries Journal 83, 195-229.

Perring, D 2003 ‘The Beirut excavations background ’ in K Butcher, Small Change in Ancient Beirut: the coin finds from BEY 006 and BEY 045: Iron Age, Hellenistic Roman and Byzantine periods, Archaeology of the Beirut Souks 1, Berytus 45-46 (for 2001-2002), 11-19.

Cakirlar C, Perring, D and Rackham, J 2003 ‘Animal bone from excavations in Beirut: a progress report’, Council for British Research in the Levant: Newsletter, 22-3.

Perring, D 2002 ‘Beirut in Antiquity: some research directions suggested by recent excavations in the Souks’, ARAM 13-14, 129-40.

Perring, D with Brigham T 2000 ‘London and its Hinterland: the Roman Period’, in Museum of London, The Archaeology of Greater London, London: Museum of London, 119-170.

Perring, D in press (2006) review of A MacMahon, The Tabernae Structures of Roman Britain, Britannia 37.

Perring, D 2006 review of B Yule, A prestigious Roman building complex on the Southwark waterfront, and L Dunwoodie, Pre-Boudiccan and later activity on the site of the forum, Trans. London and Middlesex Archaeological Society 55.

Perring, D 2005 review of Museum of London, A research framework for London Archaeology, Trans. London and Middlesex Archaeological Society 54 (for 2003), 129-30.

Perring, D 2004 ‘Concept, design and build: Romans beyond Pompeii’, Antiquity 78 (299), 204-9.

Perring, D 2004 review of P Wilson (ed), The Archaeology of Roman Towns: Studies in honour of John S Wacher, Archaeological Journal 160.

Perring, D 2003 ‘Aristocratic houses of Aquitaine in late antiquity’, Journal of Roman Archaeology 16, 701-4.

Perring, D 2001 review of ‘Roman Castleford: excavations 1974-85. Volume 2: The structural and environmental evidence, by Abramson, Berg and Fossick’, Yorkshire Archaeological Journal 73, 181-2.


Excavations in Beirut
Early excavations in Beirut, Lebanon



General contact details:
Institute of Archaeology UCL & Archaeology South-East
Direct telephone:
+44 (0)1273 426830
Mobile telephone:
07703 341 312


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