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Rocky Lane, Bolnore Village, Haywards Heath

Bolnore Excavations

Project type: Evaluation, Excavation

Archaeology South-East undertook excavations within the Bolnore Village Phase 3 Housing Area in August 2004 after locating a 1st-century ditch adjacent to Rocky Lane (TQ32515 22377) during an evaluation of the site.

Initial results indicate that this hilltop was surrounded by two ring ditches, forming a small enclosure at least 35m across. The inner ditch has a c. 6.5m wide entrance on its north-western side. This is mirrored by an apparent c. 10m wide causeway in the outer ringwork that appears to have been blocked by the excavation of a length of ditch across its termini. Pottery found within the outer ditches suggests a Late Iron Age to early Romano-British date and includes East Sussex Ware sherds. Sherds that may date from the Middle to Late Iron Age were found within the inner ditch. A small amount of iron slag and worked flints were also recovered from the site.

A smaller, subtly curving gully was located outside of the southern outer enclosure ditch and may relate to an earlier phase of this hilltop site. A number of truncated features, which may be interpreted as postholes, were found within the enclosure, mainly inside the inner ditches. Some of these may relate to gate structures.


Project Officer:
Neil Griffin
Client: Crest Nicholson
Project type: Evaluation, Excavation



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