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Hastings Country Park


Coastline at Hastings Country Park


Project type: Historic Landscape Characterisation

In April and May 2006, ASE carried out an Historic Landscape Survey of Hastings Country Park, comprising an area of mixed cliffs, woodland, heathland and farmland to the east of Hastings, East Sussex, and forming one of the most dramatic coastal landscapes in the South-East of England. The aim of the work was to produce a definitive and up-to-date review of the archaeological and historical development of the property, and was intended to inform future management plans and produce information for use in educational and interpretative formats.

The work involved a comprehensive review of existing secondary historical and archaeological sources and a landscape survey to identify and record features of archaeological significance within the property and its immediate environs. Management recommendations were made where appropriate.

Eight main categories of archaeological importance were identified:

Medieval and Pre-Medieval Sites

Prehistoric artefact scatters/settlement
Bronze Age burial mounds
Iron Age promontory fort
Roman artefacts/settlement
Medieval, including possible ridge-and-furrow and a possible late Saxon cemetery including charcoal burials

Military Sites

Victorian coastal defences
Second World War anti-invasion defences, including radar base
Second World War aircraft crash sites


Coastguard Sites

Sites of Watch-houses built by the Coastguard and its predecessor the Coast Blockade, for anti-smuggling and coastal observation/rescue duties.


Industrial Sites

Stone quarries
Cliff railway


Designed Landscape Sites

Sites reflecting the impact of wealthy landowners on the landscape, e.g. gardens
Sites designed to attract tourists, including follies


Former Boundaries

Field boundaries of medival and later date, possibly incorporating some of prehistoric origin


Agricultural Sites

Ruined farmsteads and stock watering ponds


Sporting Sites

Golf course of late 19th century origin

Rock cut arches


Project Officer:
Richard James
Hastings Borough Council
Project type: Historic Landscape Characterisation



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