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The Valdoe Assessment Survey: Valdoe Quarry, Goodwood Estate, near Chichester
In 2006 a final phase of gravel extraction was planned at the quarry site, aimed at removing a strip of intact deposits in the north-eastern part of the quarry. Deposits likely to contain in-situ archaeology were being removed during this process. The work has demonstrated that future investigations in this landscape, combined with renewed research at the main Boxgrove site, will continue to drive our behavioural understanding of Middle Pleistocene hominins in northern Europe. 

Project Officer: Matt Pope
Client: English Heritage
The Beedings Palaeolithic Survey, Pulborough
An archaeological excavation at a site near Pulborough has thrown remarkable new light on the life of northern Europes last Neanderthals. Finds in the deposits at 'Beedings' validate earlier discoveries from the 1900 and together provide a snapshot of a thriving, developing population - rather than communities on the verge of extinction. 

Project Officer: Matt Pope
Client: English Heritage
Roundstone Lane, Angmering
valuation and excavation of a Romano-British farmstead and Bronze Age landscape. The site was situated on an extensive area at the former nurseries west of Roundstone Lane. 

Project Officer: Neil Griffin
Client: CGMS Consulting
Rocky Lane, Bolnore Village, Haywards Heath
A late Iron Age and early Roman hilltop enclosure, marked by two ring ditches, found in advance of a housing development. 

Project Officer: Neil Griffin
Client: Crest Nicholson
Chichester Harbour
Development of a methodology and training of local volunteers to undertake a full condition assessment of sites within the Chichester Harbour AONB. 

Project Officer: Richard James
Client: Chichester Harbour Conservancy
Cissbury Ring, Findon, near Worthing
A condition assessment and site management plan, based on cartographic and earthwork survey, has been prepared for this Iron Age hillfort and Neolithic flint mines. 

Project Officer: Richard James
Client: The National Trust
60 High Street, Crawley - Asda Site
Following an archaeological evaluation of the site which identified various archaeological deposits, a series of area excavations were undertaken which uncovered a range of medieval features including rubbish pits, boundary ditches and evidence of local ironworking. 

Project Officer: Simon Stevens
Client: Asda Superstores
Manor Cottage, Southwick Street, Southwick
An 'outreach' project on the site of a medieval house, giving members of the local Society the opportunity work alongside professional archaeologists. 

Project Officer: Simon Stevens
Client: Southwick (Sussex) Society
Land North of Bersted
The largest archaeological evaluation ever undertaken in Sussex revealed a complex Late Bronze Age and Iron Age landscape. Burnt mounds and flint-knapping sites were found alongside a stream. Settlement enclosures were also found on higher ground. Mitigation proposals were prepared as part of an Environmental Imapact Assessment and formed the basis of expert testimony presented at Public Inquiry. 

Project Officer: Sam Worral
Client: Berkeley Strategic
Ropetackle, Shoreham-by-Sea
Medieval wells and pits found on a large site in historic core of this little-studied small town produced rich finds and environmental assemblages, including an almost complete ceramic aquamanile. 

Project Officer: Simon Stevens
Client: CGMS Consulting and SEEDA
St Nicolas Church, Shoreham-by-Sea
A watching-brief, resulting in the excavation of a medieval churchyard and burials. 

Project Officer: Neil Griffin
Client: Carden & Godfrey
West Dean College
The new Institute of Archaeology IoA student training project - involving excavation, geophysical survey, site interpretation and outreach activities. 

Project Officer: Clive Meaton
Client: Institute of Archaeology and West Dean College
Bognor Community College, Bognor Regis
Bognor Regis has a complicated archaeological past, and Archaeology South-East has undertaken several archaeological investigations here in order to make better sense of the evidence of past settlement. Bognor is one of the oldest recorded Saxon place names in Sussex. In a document of 680AD it is referred to as Bucgan ora meaning Bucge's (a female Saxon name) shore, or landing place.

An archaeological evaluation leading to further excavation was carried out at the college between July and October 2008. Bronze Age settlement, Iron Age and Roman field systems, rare later medieval and post-medieval field boundaries were also recorded.  

Project Officer: Nick Garland
Client: Gifford for West Sussex County Council
Chichester Festival Theatre, Chichester
A Roman settlement of the late 2nd and 3rd century AD was found some 300m to the north of the Roman city of Chichester. This was probably part of a suburban farm, and discoveries also included a cremation burial set inside a Roman pot.

An archaeological evaluation in advance of the construction of new educational buildings at the site of the Chichester Festival theatre, lead to further targeted excavation carried out during 2008. This site was located some 300m north of the historic northern town gate. The excavation revealed evidence of predominately late 2nd to late 3rd century Roman activity. Several Roman ditches and a small group of pits and postholes were identified. A late 3rd century cremation vessel and associated accessory vessel were also recorded. Some later post-medieval features and a brick-built circular structure are thought to be features relating to activity at the Workhouse in Broyle Road.  

Project Officer: Alice Thorne
Client: Andrzej Blonski Architects






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