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Coldharbour Quarry, Thorpe
he excavation of a Roman field system and a corn drier. Prehistoric water holes were also excavated and showed evidence of structural deposition of bone and artefacts. 

Project Officer: Paul Riccoboni
Client: CEMEX UK Materials
Epsom School, Longrove Road, Epsom
The excavation of a Late Bronze Age field system, land clearance features and pits. This work has added to the growing body of evidence of an extensive pattern of Bronze Age fields and trackways extending south from the Thames into Surrey. 

Project Officer: Jim Stevenson
Client: Surrey County Council
Hawks Hill House, Hawks Hill, Fetcham, Leatherhead
Hawk's Hill House near Leatherhead was the excavation of a Mid Iron Age site which is part of a known Iron Age settlement, elements of which were previously excavated in the 1960's. This work, about 80m away from the earlier excavation uncovered a dozen or so large grain storage pits, several smaller pits and the first example of a roundhouse at Hawk's Hill. The site has provided strong evidence of everyday life in the Iron Age with good examples of structured deposition (deliberately placed artefacts) from the grain storage pits. A smaller pit also contained placed items that may have marked the destruction of the roundhouse. The excavation has added weight to the suggestion that Hawk's Hill was an extensive and important centre of Mid Iron Age occupation. 

Project Officer: Jim Stevenson
Client: Millgate Homes
Bramley Grove, Ottways Lane, Ashstead
An excavation of a site with remains ranging from the Late Bronze Age to Romano-British periods. The main focus of occupation was part of a Late Iron Age enclosure with a pattern of pits and post-holes to its interior with evidence of a transhumance based economy. 

Project Officer: Greg Priestley-Bell
Client: Millgate Homes
Land Northeast of Horley
Excavations undertaken by Archaeology South-East near Horley in Surrey have completely changed our understanding of the prehistoric settlement of this little-studied region. Desk-based assessment and evaluation trial trenching led to an archaeological excavation carried out in four targeted areas of this housing scheme between December 2007 and July 2008. The excavations revealed new and exciting evidence of Middle and Late Iron Age, Romano-British and medieval settlement, farming and possible ritual practise along the banks of the Burstow Stream. Other than iron-working sites, prehistoric, Roman and medieval archaeology is rare in the Weald which has historically been conceived as being a wilderness throughout much of antiquity. Contrary to this, the results from the site appear to suggest that prehistoric, Romano-British and medieval origins in the area may have developed and extended along arterial waterways such as the Burstow Stream through the otherwise densely forested Weald. The location of the site with fertile farmland and both riverine and forest habitats available as valuable and abundant resources close to hand would have presented an attractive proposition to ancient settlers. The evaluation and excavation process has shown without a doubt the legitimacy that archaeological fieldwork can have in areas previously considered of lower archaeological potential. 

Project Officer: Jim Stevenson, Dan Swift
Client: CPM Environmental Planning and Design






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