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84 London Road, Kingston-upon-Thames
The excavation of an extensive Quaker cemetery (17th to 19thC) with associated medieval and post-medieval features set in deep urban deposits. 

Project Officer: Lucy Sibun
Client: Rushmons Ltd.
Headstone Manor, Pinner
The detailed archaeological interpretative survey of the early timber frame of c1320 at Headstone Manor, in advance of extensive repairs. 

Project Officer: David Martin
Client: London Borough of Harrow
Belmarsh West Prison
One of our proudest discoveries in 2008 was the earliest known man-made timber structure ever found in London. Following trial works, archaeological excavation was conducted on the site of a proposed new prison at Belmarsh West, London Borough of Greenwich. A borehole survey had successfully modelled the peat deposits known to exist in the area and identified a major north-south orientated palaeochannel, as well as demonstrating the potential for palaeoenvironmental evidence from the sealed peat deposits. The two large excavation trenches were situated to examine the palaeochannel and the peat sequence. These uncovered the early 4th century BC Early Neolithic timber remains of two timber platforms or trackways representing some of London’s earliest archaeological evidence. Additionally, the operation of a major palaeochannel within the floodplain of the lower Thames is something rarely examined in detail and the results of the ongoing analysis of samples recovered from this sequence are likely to be of major significance in developing methodological approaches to the use of such sequences in environmental reconstruction. 

Project Officer: Diccon Hart
Client: Jacobs UK Ltd for the National Offender Management Service (NOMS)






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