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Site Management Planning

We provide a comprehensive range of high quality heritage management services worldwide. Building upon the facilities and expertise of the University College London, the dedicated staff of our Centre for Applied Archaeology deliver the highest standards in site management, public outreach, heritage presentation and training classes. Our services range from interpretive and management planning for World Heritage Sites, Museum Exhibitions, Evaluation, Consultancy and Outreach events to the design of single leaflets or web-sites.

Site Management Planning (including World Heritage Sites)
Heritage Interpretation from design to implementation
Training and Site-Management Masterclasses
Education and Outreach resources and training

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Site Management Planning Services

Planning and Consultancy
Consultancy on management planning
Evaluation of management and conservation plans and activities including recommendations for improvement
World Heritage Site management consultancy and planning
Site Remediation
Project designs and application support (UK and International)

Products and Services
Development of holistic and integrated site management and conservation plans
World Heritage Site Nomination Files and Management Plans
Research to support site management

Training and Masterclasses
Staff training in management ands conservation planning
Masterclasses in Site Management, including topics such as conservation, interpretation, survey and recording and environmental assessments

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Site planning meeting underway for Jericho, Jordan

Links to Current projects:

Merv, Turkmenistan. Museum development, Teacher’s Handbook, Graphic Panels and Site Interpretation, Training courses for teachers and staff, Site Management and Conservation Planning.
Cissbury Hill.
National Trust – Condition Assessment and Site Management planning.
West Dean
- Institute of Archaeology student training project – Training in On-Site Interpretation, Strategies of investigation, and Outreach (with Bill Sillar)
Gao, Mali.

Red Fort, India.
Hadrians Wall. - Consultancy to Hadrian's Wall Heritage Ltd, as editor of the Management Plan for this World Heritage Site.

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Contact: Ron Humphrey


Our Site Management and Interpretation Services are undertaken by the Centre for Applied Archaeology, with the following principal consultants:

Prof. Henry Cleere
Prof. Henry Cleere: Archaeological Heritage Consultant, Site Management and WHS designation (Honorary Professor, University College London).

Mr. Mike Corbishley
Mr. Mike Corbishley: Education and Outreach (Senior Lecturer Archaeology and Education, University College London).

Mr. Tim Williams
Mr. Tim Williams: Site Management and Interpretation (Senior Lecturer, Managing Archaeological Sites, University College London).

Mr. Chris Hudson
Mr. Chris Hudson: Museum Design and Interpretive Planning (Chris Hudson Designs).

Prof. Clifford Price
Prof. Clifford Price: Conservation of sites and monuments.

Read more about the Centre for Applied Archaeology.
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Sample Site Management Planning Projects

• Red Fort, Delhi, India.
• Hadrian's Wall - World Heritage Site Management Plan.


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